Our Services

Our Services

Kalim Global is your trusted partner in efficient and reliable dispatching services. With a strong commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique logistical needs. From prompt and secure cargo deliveries to real-time tracking and monitoring, our team is dedicated to ensuring your shipments reach their destinations safely and on time. Our experienced professionals leverage cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to streamline your supply chain operations, reducing costs and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Services We Offer

Load Sourcing

We help trucking companies find available load by connecting with shippers or brokers.

Load Planning

We plan and optimize routes based on factors such as distance, fuel efficiency, delivery deadlines, and traffic conditions.

Carrier Coordination

We act as intermediaries between the trucking company and carriers.

Freight Tracking

We track the movement of freight and maintain constant communication with drivers to monitor their progress.

Truck Types

Flatbed Trailer

Box Truck


Power Only